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Llamas are smart.  You work with them like you work with a horse.  They learn quickly when exposed to different situations and socialized.  Patience works wonders with them.

I don't have any llamas available for sale at this time unless you are looking to give a mature female llama a good permanent home where there will be at least two females together.  Females need companionship.

Visit (South Central Llama Association) and go to the breeders' list to locate quality llamas for sale in your area.

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                               -- Vicki

Welcome to Bronze Star Llamas located near Mountain Home (Kerrville) in the Texas Hill Country (central Texas).  We are a small ranch with our only livestock being llamas.  We breed  and sell llamas with congenial personalities, good conformation, and quality bloodlines.  Our llamas are from medium to short fibered and adapted to the Texas heat.  Some llamas are for sale and can be a guard to sheep or goats, can be used in a 4-H program, a pet, used to visit nursing homes, be in a parade, pull a small cart, or used for packing.  

Our llamas are use to living in the pasture and their main food source is pasture.   We do supplement with Lyons llama pellets  to keep them coming up every day for their "treat" and to handle them to keep them gentle.  We worm and give them required shots twice a year.  We  shear most of them in April or May to keep them cooler in summer.   You don't have to have a fancy barn to raise llamas.  They are very adaptable.  All of our females have birthed their babies without any help from us.  We watch from a slight distance so mother and cria can bond.  And the rest of the herd is right there introducing themselves to the cria also.  It's great fun to watch.   

We highly recommend llamas to families with children.   If they participate in 4-H with a llama, the whole family gets involved and has a great time.  The livestock shows around the country with llamas participating are numerous.  Attend one in your area!

Call us at the number below or use the contact form for questions.

Mother Caprice & Daughter May Playing Give llamas a dirt hill to play on, and then you can enjoy the fun!

Caprice and May

Llamas have wonderful personalities, are gentle, intelligent, usually respectful of fencing, and are easy on the pasture.  That's why we chose llamas to raise.  They really are pretty easy to care for and quickly steal your heart.  We may have just the right llama for you.  Put young llamas and little girls together and it's love for sure - and little boys, they have a project and something to care for.


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